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Presentation Challenge 2019!!!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Presentation Challenge! 

Brother Catholic Priests: we welcome you to join our private priests only Facebook group for the 3rd Annual 2019 Presentation Challenge starting January 2nd 2019 and finishing on the Feast of the Presentation (Feb 2). Have you struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing ministry? Our mission is to provide you with the support to eat clean, be fit, and pray well. Our Presentation Challenge has helped many priests throughout the world to move back into health and wellness, and this can be your opportunity to make a radical change so as to better respond to the unique call you have from God. Together with our YouTube channel posts we will provide accountability support for your goals centered around a common theme this year: #fitforthekingdom Our cofounders Father Ryan Rooney @spinningpadre and Fr. Casey Jones @fathafloyd will have daily live postings every evening to help guide the process and answer any of your questions. We are so excited to share our story with @oursundayvisitor @thepriestmagazine If you are finding us from there, welcome brothers! #priestfit #presentationchallenge 

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