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Lenten Reflection: Palm Sunday

Lenten Reflection, Palm Sunday. “The Lord GOD is my help, therefore I am not disgraced; I have set my face like flint, knowing that I shall not be put to shame.” This is the week in which we enter into the very mystery of our salvation. As we enter into this week that changed the world, I’d like to draw attention to how much of the solemnity of Holy Week focuses on the Body of the Lord. Our readings this week will focus on Jesus Christ who allowed himself to be abused, humiliated, mocked, beaten and scorned for us—for our salvation, and ultimately for God’s glory. It is here, of course, that all of our sufferings are given meaning. We know the story, we know the ending, we know the victory. But, this week we look at the cost, we look at the blood sweat and tears shed for our salvation as emblems of the love of a savior. We know that sufferings give us a chance to share in the work of redemption. Many of us are at the point when we are beginning to break free of years of neglect, abuse and lethargy. So, we know the pain of sore muscles and body aches. We know the pain of setbacks and plateaus. We know that our health is worth the fight. We know that there is an end, but that it comes at a cost. Brother Priests, we act in the person of Christ when we proclaim God’s word and celebrate the sacraments. How closely we must cling to the body of the Lord! The body that took the lashes and nails for us. The body that suffered torment and shame. The Body of the one who knows our pain. The body of the one who promises us resurrection and glory! The body of the one who allows us to enter into this mystery. The body of the one who began a good work in us and will bring it to fulfillment. The body of the one who came that we might have life in abundance! The body of the one who called us to serve his people. Friends, the Body of Christ won us salvation. Let’s resolve to allow his redemption to show forth in our own bodies! Let’s allow the passion of Christ to transform us into the best version if ourselves. Let’s every day take on the sufferings of Christ in order to : Eat Clean, Be Fit and Pray Well. Fr. Casey 

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