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1st Sunday of Lent

"One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God."

What truth is contained in this response to the ancient serpent who tempts Jesus and by extension his priests! Jesus restores the power to resist our food temptations by placing greater emphasis on his trustworthy word. He also places some emphasis on the underlying causes of why we might be tempted to go to food to solve our problems.

Often times in the world of addiction the spiritual life is the first to go and the last to come back. We might be tempted to think "I've got this, I can give in an overindulge every now and then." If we're honest, this just might be an indication that we are not as spiritually fit as we would want to be. This can be hard to accept, and even discouraging or disappointing for those who lead people spiritually.

But there is hope, even if we're not perfect today. It all won't come at once! We can't shed all the weight or be perfected spiritually all at once. The evil one tempts in this way, as if by some magic Jesus can solve all his "problems". The health and fitness industry is always trying to sell us on the magic pill, diet, or next fitness craze that will give us the perfect body. Jesus shows us instead how to resist the temptation to immediate gratification in our fleshly reality. Taking one step at a time and taking this journey one day at a time, we will begin to see our prayer life strengthen and our healthy choices become easier. Trust in his word!

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