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Lenten Reflection: Spy Wednesday

Lenten Reflection: Spy Wednesday When we look to our own physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and intellectual lives, have we sacrificed our relationship with God and our self care because of any addiction or disordered attachments? Did we "acquire" these because of our disenfranchisement with the Church, it's hierarchy, or the way we've been treated by our brother priests, our parishioners, or by others in our past who have hurt us? "For your sake I bear insult,    and shame covers my face. I have become an outcast to my brothers" Was the quick solution going to a thing to cope? What has been our thirty pieces of silver? Instead of fully identifying with Judas, how can we put on Christ today, who did not shield his face from buffets and spitting? When we approach the table of the Lord as his priests, will we be resolved to dip the morsel worthily? Lastly, have we caused others by our own actions to betray the Lord? What must we do to ask for forgiveness and make amends? 

Lord, help me to trade in my silver for the gold of your presence. Give me more of your humble and patient heart to accept suffering for the sake of your name. Forgive me for when I haven't reflected your image in the Church and in the world. Eat clean, be fit, pray well, Fr Ryan  

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